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Fix stuck OSD Menu on a Philips monitor

posted on: 10:26, August 30th , 2012

I got a 19,4 inch or something monitor Philips 190SW8FS LCD monitor provided trusty service until recently, when the increase brightness menu decided to activate of its own accord, and stay on.The permanently activated the on-screen display is a fully opaque rectangle in the middle of the screen. I don't think my monitor has transparency options for the OSD, but the overriding nature of the brightness meant I couldn't even get into the menu to remove the OSD. Luckily, I have tools.

The monitor is a about three years outside its warranty period, and larger new monitors are really cheap, so I had no qualms about dissecting the screen. I read that some other soul had simply disconnected the front-panel controls to solve the problem in their monitor, so that was my aim. The bezel was mostly held in place by clips along its side, so with a kitchen knife it worked pretty well, much like removing a bicycle inner tube(but no so brutal of course. It's a plastic after all) , I got the bezel all off. No need to unscrew anything or so.

The front-panel control section was a separate module that was easy to find and disconnect. The connection was a clip rather than being soldered, so the disconnection was easily reversible. A quick power-up confirmed that the problem was fixed. I tried to clean up the contact area and connected back all the stuff together.

The bezel went back on easily, and the monitor is now back in working order. One oddity is that the front-panel controls still work except the up and down buttons. Given that the problem is cured I'm not going to investigate further. After all I didn't need to use the OSD menu for anything ever and I hope that it'll stay that way.

I almost forgot. Here's the manual of the monitor from which I understood how to remove the bezel .


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