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May, 2014
Disable Autorun For Removable Media In Windows 7
make add block plus extension work in blacklist mode.
ajax - How to escape & and % in a POST request in jQuery?

Feb, 2014
Add html5 video to your web page
download videos in mp4 from bbc.co.uk

Aug, 2013
Install Apps to SD Card on Your Android Phone Without Rooting it

Apr, 2013
Record your favourite TV programs with VLC :)

Mar, 2013
Manipulate / Edit .htaccess through php web form

Jan, 2013
Make a wireless bridge repeater with dd-wrt and D-LINK DIR-615 (d3) router

Dec, 2012
Create directories or files with names of current date and time in dos

Nov, 2012
Remove nasty igfxupdate.exe virus from your windows 7
Make dos prompt in proper full screen in windows 98 and windows 2000
Connect to VPN (PPTP) in windows 7, vista in command line (batch)

Aug, 2012
Fix stuck OSD Menu on a Philips monitor
Simple QoS HTB Shaper Script for DD WRT firmwares for shaping down and up traffic per ip

May, 2012
How to install more than one map on Garmin XT

Mar, 2012
How install your xp shared printer on windows 7

May, 2010
Create a Wireless Access Point from your Wireless Router

Jan, 2010
Outlook express doesn't want to open EML / attachment files

Oct, 2009
Outlook Express wants to compact messages after it has been closed

Sep, 2009
Collecting Harvesting email addresses from websites
Using SSH Tunnel with PuTTY on windows xp /vista and remote linux /unix server to browse internet hiding your IP addres

Aug, 2009
Disable User Account Control (UAC) in Windows Vista

Jun, 2009
How to backup your Firefox bookmarks passwords themes etc
How to add/remove the arrow on the shortcuts on win xp

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